Introducing “Operation Compassion” – a nonprofit organization run by Hands Across Borders International, partnering with Hand2Hand to significantly impact the lives of children in Mexico. This marks our fifth year of touching countless hearts during the month of December, traveling across cities to hold special services, and giving away backpacks filled with five toys and scripture.

As we embark on our mission for 2024, our goal is ambitious yet filled with compassion – to distribute 15,000 backpacks to children in need. You have the opportunity to be part of this meaningful journey by sponsoring one or more backpacks for just five dollars each. Your generous donation will directly impact the lives of these young souls, allowing them to embrace the joy of the season and instilling hope for a brighter future.

Join us in creating a ripple effect of compassion and transforming lives across Mexico. With your support, alongside our partnership with Hand2Hand, we can continue spreading love and happiness, making dreams come true for thousands of children.

Donate now and be part of a movement that has the power to bring joy and make a lasting difference. Together, we can touch hearts with Operation Compassion.